Thursday, June 22, 2006

Endangered Frogs in California

Endangered Frogs in California

For decades, the population of frogs and other amphibians has been in a state of decline. Animal species endangerment is a major environmental problem. One third of the world’s nearly 6,000 amphibian species are facing endangerment (Biemer, 2006). Environmentalists in California want to protect frogs because they hate to see any creature vanish from the earth. They are also concerned that other amphibians will become endangered too. It’s the environmentalist’s duty to prevent this from happening. Amphibians are animals that live both on land and in water. Some examples of endangered frogs in California are Red-Legged Frog, Yosemite Toads, The Arroyo Toads, The Golden Toads, The Pacific Tree Frog, The Large White’s Tree Frog, and The Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog.

According to Perry (2006), the reasons that frogs have become endangered species are due to cold weather and a fatal kind of fungus. Another research report shows that “A variety of factors are thought to be involved, including climate change, ultraviolet radiation, diseases, parasites, and habitat destruction,” (Cone, 2006, page 14). Fragmentation of habitat to produce deleterious areas and demographic affects, overexploitation, the spread of exotic species, and pollution are reasons for frog’s endangerment (Phillips,1994, page 62). First, during cold weather frogs can’t survive in winter especially in California. The California winters are very cold. If frogs have their eggs in the winter season, they will be lucky if baby frogs survive. Secondly, deadly fatal fungus can spread very rapidly among frogs. It is dangerous if only one frog becomes sick due to this fungus because all frogs in that particular habitat will die. The third cause of frogs becoming endangered maybe climate change. It has a significant possibility of detrimentally affecting the frogs’ future. According to Phillips (1994), the California red-legged frog is estimated to have disappeared from over 99 percent of the inland parts of California and southern California localities within its historic range and at least 75 percent of all localities within it’s entire historic range.

The fourth reason is ultraviolet radiation that has been sent by the sun. It damages the eggs of frogs and it causes overall amphibian decline. Eventually, ultraviolet radiation will be not only a threat for frogs, but also for humankind. A study found that the northern red-legged frogs lay about 680 eggs, and that those eggs have a 91-pecent chance of hatching. However, the tadpoles have only about a 5-percent chance of actually making it to metamorphosis and the only difference between these kinds of frogs is that the first one is immune against the ultraviolet radiation unlike the second one (Phillips, 1994). The fifth reason is due to pollution. Any kind of pollution will affect the life of any species, including frogs. Air and water pollution are the most dangerous types of pollution for frogs, especially in a big state such as California. The frogs are more likely to die from the pollution. If frogs are in a polluted environment, they will vanish for sure. Finally, habitat destruction is a severe threat. The environment that contains frogs such as the mountain yellow-legged frog and the red-legged frog will die either from the destruction that happens in the habitat or the changes in the environment if frogs have been removed to another habitat until environmentalists create a new appropriate habitat instead of the last one which have been destroyed.

Frogs have an important role in the environment. For instance, frogs get rid of insects, bugs, and mosquitoes that are dominating the earth in huge numbers. Frogs catch the insects with their tongues and then swallow them. “The bug population in California has been going crazy.” (Perry, 2006, page 2). Because insects are known for their huge amount of eggs and only one bug can has hundred of eggs at one time. Another benefit is that people like to hunt some species of amphibians. Hunting frogs is popular and selling them with expensive price tags to the people who like to eat and watch frogs or other amphibian species is popular too (Phillips, 1994). Cheng Lai is one of two people in Los Angeles who regularly imports live frogs for the food industry. He sells his frogs to ethnic restaurants such as Chinese food restaurant. He can sell the frogs for three dollars to six dollars a pound. A two thousand frog shipment could bring in $ 3,000 to $ 6,000 dollars to him but only if they are still alive (Phillips, 1994). In addition, people find it fun to watch frogs near to lakes when they are relaxing.

There are some people who don’t care about these benefits and they would love to see frogs decrease. The Home Builders Association of Northern California complains that due to environmentalists wanting to protect the endangered frogs in California, they are asking for too much land to provide an appropriate and safe habitat for the frogs. The Home Builders Association of Northern California wants to decrease the amount of the land that have been given to the environment by the government. The Home Builders Association of Northern California is worried about the future citizens of California (Hoge, 2006). Moreover, there are the concerned environmentalists who focus on other species. These people don’t want an increase in the land given to the environmentalists who are concerned about frogs and are not concerned about the need for a huge place for the frog’s recovery. However, environmentalists who are concerned about other species are afraid that all the land will go to the benefits of frogs. If they are really concerned about animals, they will have sympathy for frogs too because, after all, they are wonderful species.

The fact that frogs are endangered is an apparent. We are already losing thousands of frogs and other amphibians each year. People can help and protect frogs by taking care of them and not touching and playing with frogs when they see them. In addition, hunters of amphibians should diminish their activities for a while. Stopping the hunting activities of frogs will be a great step. People can make a difference; they just have to try to improve the environment for frogs and other wonderful species that are endangered. Not just a few people, but all of us together. For instance, we can give a small donation to the environmentalists who are concerned about frogs. They can use it to help the frogs and to protect them at the same time. According to Biemer (2006), the total coast of holding 600 species captive to protect them will run about 60 million dollars. It’s a realistic bargain compared to the costs of other endangered animals such as elephants and pandas.

In conclusion, frogs are decreasing and now after we discovered the reasons people can and should help to improve the environment for frogs and other species. We don’t want frogs to vanish from the earth. We discovered the reasons that caused the endangerment of frogs and we have to prevent it. Also, we have to be careful with other species that have a lot to offer to the environment. Putting programs together that help to improve the environmental situation in general is always a good idea. Frogs are great creatures. I hope that their gentle calls of peep-peep-peep can still be heard during the night in the future. People who are concerned about the environment want only to protect the environment in general. They want to change the environment for the better and they are always worried about the environmental protection issues and obstacles that the environment faces. However, we all must remember that frogs are part of that environment.
Samah Ali

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Tony Perry in “Giving Frog Species a Leg up for Survival” focuses on a specific kind of frog, the mountain yellow-legged frog. A recent incident affected this endangered frog in California. This incident caused a lot of harm and damage to this already endangered species. Concerned people are trying their best to save the mountain yellow-legged frogs. They are afraid that other amphibians will be imperiled too. Moreover, the author talks about seven frogs that have survived and they are all safe at the Los Angeles Zoo.

Amphibians in general provide positive environmental effects. Some people I know think that it’s good if all frogs died. They say that frogs have no benefits to the environment. However, they don’t know the importance of these frogs. Frogs eat bugs and mosquitoes that are dominating the earth in huge numbers. It’s not good to kill innocent species but the percent of bugs, mosquitoes and other insects is increasing too rapidly.

I agree with Ed Auer, a foreman for a privately run wildlife rehabilitation center, when he said, “I just hate to see any species leave the mountain.” I feel very strongly about any animal that is endangered. It's not fair that one species vanish from the earth because all animals, including frogs, deserve to live. Scientists and researchers must do something to keep animals alive and protect them, such as frogs, toads, and salamanders.

In conclusion, frogs are great creatures. Personally, I like amphibians in general. I hope we can still see frogs when we go to lakes in the future. We have to keep the environment safe and all frogs are part of that environment.

Perry, T. (2006, February 24). Giving Frog Species a Leg up for survival; The L.A. and San Diego Zoos work with State and Federal Agencies to save the mountain yellow-legged variety, ravaged by wildfires. Los Angeles Times, Metro Desk; p B; p 2.

Monday, March 06, 2006

The job's dominating according to the gender

I found two websites that were really interesting. The first one is the male website. and it shows us the percentage of the top ten occupation that are dominated by men. The first one is, Automotive service technician and machanics (98.6%), the second is Construction laborers (98.4%), and the third one is Firefighters(98.3%). The other wesite is the female website. and there was a list of the top ten occupation that are dominated by women with the percentage. First, Secretaries and Assistants for Administrative(97.7%); second is preschool and Kindergarten teachers (97.6%) and third, Licensed practical and Licensed vocational nurses (94.9%).

I notice that most of the jobs that are dominated by men, have some violence in it, maybe because the man is trying to act in a macho way. However, the occupations that are dominated by women are more gentle than the men's, and they provide a lot of care for people, maybe because they were raised to do that. The situation from my viewpoint is naturalism.

Friday, February 10, 2006


I went to The anorexia website
At the first, there were some topics which you can click at it and then you will see it such as causes, effects, signs of anorexia and many other things. Then there was a picture of a mother who discovered that her teenage daughter have anorexia. There are other corners for bulimia and bing eating disorder and you can click at it and find out more about it. At the bottem of the page there are some other websites which you can go to and read more about anorexia and women's health in general.I thinke it was really an interesting website but I was hoping that they put some real stories about girls who had this problems or still have it. This big dilemma is more common among girls than boys. In fact, i don't think that there are boys who have it. However, girls have this problem because society teaches them, from the moment of birth, the importance of beauty. And girls always think that if you want to be beautiful you must have the perfect body.

When I was in my country I had anorexia but I had no idea that it's a serious issue. It's so common here in the United State of America but it's not that common in my country. When I read about the consequences I discovered that I have some of them right now. In conclusion, I must say to all the girls in the world you should think carefully before you do something stupid that might take your life! samah ali

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Gender Roles

Brown and Hood (2002) in "Growing up male or female" say that bringing up children has a lot of differences according to their sex because society hopes that male and female learn how to behave and how to think that's why they called it "gender roles". The purpose of this article is to show how people in any society raise their kids, and why do they treat males and females differently and when that affects them. When parents have babies, they deal with them according to their gender roles. So if she is a girl, they treat her softly and easily because she is a girl, and they can't be hard on her. On the other hand, if he was a boy, they treat him harder because they want him to become a man and be independed. Moreover, parents always care about how their little girl will look like because girls depened on their beauty, not intelligence like boys. Parents teach girls that it's ok to express your feelings by crying, but not boys. They tell the boys that if you cry you will considered weak. So we notice that girls always talk politely, but boys just get to the point. Further more, boys become independed and strong to avoid being like girls who rely on men often. When children grow up their parents expect from them different things. for instance, they expect from their daughters to remember the family and to send them cards every holiday because she was raised in the house most of the time whereas boys were always outside, and that's why they have other interests like his job or his own family. Finally, the article talked about the "gender nautral socialization" which means to raise boys and girls equally. Nowadays, a lot of people do that but they face some problems. The biggest one called "gender spacific toys" which means all stores are full of the traditional toys for boys like cars and traditional toys for girls like Barbie's. So a large percent of children get "gender spacific toys" either from their parents or other people give these to them.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Cunning Fox

once upon atime there were three friends in the jungle, a lion, a wolf and a fox... one day they went to look for something to eat because they were starving... by the end of the day they had hunted three animals as prey: a camel, a pig and a goat. Then the lion asked the wolf to divide the loot. The wolf said, "you will take the camel and i will take the goat and the fox will take the pig." But the lion didn't like that so he hit the wolf severely until he died. Then the lion asked the fox about his opinion... the fox said, "The goat is for your breakfast, the camel is for your lunch and the pig is for your dinner". The lion really liked that... So, he asked the fox "Who taught you this fair divison?" the fox answered, "It was the death of the wolf."

In conclusion, we find out how the strong can prevel and the weak can't... and also we know how the cunning fox saved his life by using his mind!